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BCG Canada Inc. offers a wide array of computer services. We can format floppies or we can design a 300 workstation network architecture. It doesn't matter to us as long as we are working with computer solutions to your business problems.

BCG Canada Inc. offers a complete programming solution. The bulk of our services are divided into three categories:

  • Database solutions and
  • Interactive web development
  • Hosting & Data Centre Services

The services within these three classifications are numerous. We don't do it all but we do a lot and what we do is done properly.

We pride ourselves in perfecting details that most others fail to even recognize. From the top end of system development to the back end of crunching code BCG Canada Inc. has seasoned veterans that are able to deliver each and every time.

We are BCG Canada Inc., and we are different than corporate outsourcers because we specialize in small businesses and/or projects. We are the accomplished, responsive, flexible and highly competitive alternative to hiring permanent staff, or augmenting it.

Join our growing group of satisfied customers from companies and organizations across the globe. Find out how cost-effective expert computer programming assistance can be.

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