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BCG Canada Inc. was established in 1996 and is a progressive technology company based in Saskatchewan serving clients throughout Canada.

The original idea was to offer computer solutions to the problems of our friends and small list of clients. BCG Canada is very successful in applying workable solutions in everyday environments. A natural evolution has transpired and BCG Canada is focused on interactive web development and database solutions that work for our growing list of clients.

During the past several years, the client list has grown substantially; so has the vision of BCG Canada. By being on the very front of Internet developments and related technologies, we are able to offer our clients the very latest in an Internet presence.

The purpose of BCG Canada is offering our clients interactive web design and technology solutions.

Databases are designed and built to stand alone on a desktop or small network as well as being integrated into a web site. BCG Canada's array of knowledge and expertise runs from the technical side of computing right across to the graphical presentation side of web development.

We are proud to offer our clients the respect and attention to detail that competitors only dream of.

BCG Canada's Inc. vision is always strongly fixed on the future with constant perspective to the
bottom line. Getting done what has to be done and doing it right is always the bottom line at BCG Canada Inc.

Through demand and personal interest BCG Canada concentrates on working with small businesses and organizations in creating and implementing both databases and professional web sites. With an excellent complement of technical knowledge and artistic flair, BCG Canada is able to accomplish results that work for our clients and look great.

Ranked in the top 5% of web developers in the entire world!